Please keep in mind that this is a parade for the children. All floats and Costumes must be Halloween themed and be appropriate for this audience. Advertising during the parade can be done through sponsorships. Please see the sponsorship document or contact the Medford-Vincentown Rotary at 

Parade Walkers

Everyone is welcome to dress up and be part of the parade.  Walkers need to register at the front of Saint Mary of the Lakes school.  The judging takes place at the end of the parade in the Haines School. If you wish to be part of the competition please continue past the judge’s stand to Haines School. A Medford-Vincentown Rotary member will be there to help guide you. 

Float Guidelines

Medford-Vincentown Rotary Parade Float Guidelines

1. The floats line up for parade on a first come first served basis at St. Mary of the Lakes school.  Floats traditionally start to line up after 8:00 am.  A Rotarian will be on site directing traffic.Float Registration starts at 5:00 p.m. 

2. There is no registration fee for Halloween Themed Parade Floats.

3.  This is a Halloween Parade and not a Marketing Parade.  If you want your business name in the Parade – we suggest you sign up for our many sponsorship opportunities and we will display your Company name either via banner or via digital billboard.  If you are towing a Halloween-themed float with your Commercial Truck – that is permitted.  If you are just driving your Commercial Truck in Parade with no obvious Halloween themed decorations – you will be asked to not participate.  Final discretion is up to Float Registrars. 
3. A Rotarian will come to your float in the line-up to register your float the night of the parade. They will list your organization and what kind of float it is. This usually starts around 5:00pm

4. You can decorate once you are in the line-up. We just ask that you take all scraps with you as the Rotary is responsible for cleanup after the event.

5. All floats and vehicles must not be taller than 13 feet 6 inches.

6. No open flames are permitted.

7. No gasoline can be stored on the float.

8. All floats must have a fire extinguisher (minimum of 5lb)

9. If you use a generator, it has to be in a safe location that will not cause a fire or possibly burn someone.

10. The generator and/or extension cords must have fuses or breakers.

11. Float riders must be able to ride in a safe fashion that does not put them in harm of falling off of the float.

12. Float riders must also not be totally enclosed where the decorations can impede their ability to exit the float safely in case of an emergency.

13. Candy must not be thrown from floats. This is a state law. Candy can however be handed out by walkers that walk along with the float.

14. All drivers of floats must not have their view blocked or restricted by any means.

These are guidelines for creating and operating a safe float during the Medford-Vincentown Rotary Parade. The Township and the Medford-Vincentown Rotary do not take any responsibility for your design construction or participation.